TMTS provides control systems for new-build turbine machines and aftermarket retrofits. Our portfolio includes work on major turbo compressors models manufactured by General Electric, Siemens, ABB/Alstom, Ansaldo, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Solar and others in chemical plants, oil & gas facilities and cogen/powergen plants.

TMTS is a trusted global supplier of steam turbine controls, delivering solutions for both new-build installations and retrofits to all the major OEM steam turbine types. We also offer a complete range of upgrades for older hydraulic governors.

Turbo machinery control is an important part of the control architecture of those plants where compressors are critical for production. A turbo machinery control solution provides the following features:
• Safe and efficient antisurge control
• Steam and gas turbine control
• Load sharing between parallel compressors
• Auxiliary device control
• Mechanical state monitoring and diagnostics
• Modifications of pilots and actuators
• Antisurge valve optimization
• Valves and instrumentation diagnostics
• Maintenance procedures optimization

Ways to improve compressor efficiency
For processes where compressors have critical impact on the unit operation, the concept of efficiency goes well beyond energy savings.
A complete compressor control system needs to consider such things as safety instrumented systems, elimination of false trips, valve performance, instrument diagnostics, mechanical condition monitoring, start/stop procedures and response to dynamic load changes.
TMTS provides a complete technical solution and methodology backed up by engineering expertise to help solve each of these problems.
TMTS approach treats the entire compressor and the processes attached to it as an asset to be optimized.